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About us...

     Hello!  We are the Vocke family!  We have the sixth generation growing up here on our family farm, located in beautiful Hunterdon County.  Our farm, which was originally named "Maplecrest" was a poultry farm dating back to 1900.  

     The history of our farm of course began with poultry, which we still raise here to this day.  We have expanded to raising turkeys and ducks.  We have a few farm "pets".  An amazing American Quarter Horse named "Im Sucha Goodie".  He has been a very successful show horse, lesson horse as well as an occasional trail horse.  We also have a small flock of Romney mix sheep and a  Juliana pig named "Pua". 

     We pride ourselves on our growing herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.  We chose to begin breeding and showing when our oldest daughter joined our local 4H group and began showing.  We had Boer goats for years, and being a large meat breed they would be too difficult for her to handle at her age.  Her first year we borrowed a Nigerian Dwarf goat from her leader to show and the rest is history!

Of course we can not forget a big thank you to our livestock guardian dog "Yeti".  Our Yeti girl keeps everyone safe while providing our friends with some good stories of a tough puppy!

Maplecrest Farm
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